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Industry 4.0: Revolutionize
manufacturing operations
with 3D digital twins. empowers manufacturers with AR, VR, IoT, and Digital Twin tech for smart factories. Digitize your plant in a single scan, transforming it into a smart factory quickly. Integrate operations seamlessly, optimize processes, and boost ROI.

Planning &


Training &


IoT System Integration



Increase operating efficiency

Take your manufacturing facilities online to
visualize your operations from anywhere.
Digital twins deliver valuable insights that
allow you to streamline maintenance and
repairs, enhance production, and transfer
knowledge at scale.


Increase the value and operational efficiency of your space while decreasing operational costs

Facilities Management

Manage your facilities more efficient and safely

Immersive Training

Elevate training with immersive solutions

Connected Workers

Empowering the future of workforce connectivity

AR Indoor Navigation

Navigate and bring your digital twin to life.

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Industry 4.0: Revolutionizing Indonesian Industries with

Our team specializes in creating high-quality 3D digital twins in Indonesia, utilizing cutting-edge 3D mapping technology during on-site visits. Recognized by industry leaders, we've been nominated for the global Digital Twin Awards 2023 powered by Matterport. We implement AR, VR, IoT, and digital twin technologies from requirement engineering to final delivery, ensuring exceptional results. Stay tuned for more details on our features, and explore examples on the following pages.

AR Solution With 3DScan

Service AR

SERVICE AR is a unique all-in-one application to optimize crucial service and maintenance processes. Visualize data and information wherever you need them. Benefit from a wide range of cutting edge features like maintenance tours, remote support, work instructions, etc. to prevent downtimes and increase quality of service.

IndoAR Navigation

Upgrade your facility's navigation experience with our cutting-edge indoor navigation system. Utilizing the latest technology, we provide digital routes and supplementary content, such as text, videos, and 3D objects, directly to your users' devices, enhancing their journey with real-time guidance. Whether your goal is to optimize efficiency by finding the shortest route or to facilitate onboarding and training with predefined paths, our solution ensures seamless navigation and improved productivity for your workforce.


Experience the future of remote assistance with HELPAR, a powerful collaborative solution leveraging augmented reality (AR) technology. By seamlessly integrating video streaming with AR capabilities, HELPAR enhances remote guidance by overlaying computer-generated visuals onto the user's camera feed. This innovative approach enables interactive experiences and AR markings, revolutionizing remote support and facilitating efficient communication for enhanced problem-solving.

Case Studies

Case Studies

“Matterport enables us to bring dynamic 3D spaces to our clients so they come away with a good feel of how it maps to their needs. It’s helped move deals forward and also saves us time by eliminating options that clearly aren’t a match.”

Chris Irwin

Senior Vice President,


“Technology is at the core of our business, partnering with Matterport was a simple and cost-effective way to set ourselves apart and provide a superior and seamless booking experience for guests as our business matured”

Caleb Donegan

Vice President of Digital, Vacasa

“With a Matterport Digital Twin, we can get on the same page
with customers to confirm property conditions together, using
reliable visual information. It makes it easier to have conversations about how to address any challenges that have been revealed.”
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Joel Vande Boom

Director of Strategic Projects, Gilbane

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