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3D Virtual Tours for Educational Institutes

These days parents look for ways to get in touch with educational institutions more and more. Schools and educational institutions find new ways to showcase their facilities by using 3D virtual tours. This technology significantly facilitates the whole admission process with greater engagement, visibility, and involvement.

Introducing 3D Virtual Tours in Education

3D virtual tours are an engaging way to immersively view a school campus without geographical boundaries and restrictions. They are exact copies of the real campus and allow parents to see the virtual images of the school.

Enhanced Visibility and Engagement

A 3D virtual tour on the school's website and social media channels can significantly enhance its visibility. The cultivation of a relationship between prospective students and parents and the institutions they choose to apply to can happen by taking a tour around the campuses in detail, deepening the connection and engagement of the applicants.

Efficient and Safe Campus Tours

Virtual tours are an opportunity to discover schools and universities without the necessity of physically attending and save time and resources for both the school and the visitors.

Finding the Right Technology and Provider

Technology and supplier choice are considered key factors in creating high-quality virtual tours. is a Pioneer of 3D virtual tour services in Bali. We are using the latest technology (for indoor and outdoor scanning) to create detailed and accurate digital representations of campuses.

Best Practices for Capturing the Campus

Capturing the essence of the school requires strategic planning. It's important to showcase key facilities, such as classrooms, laboratories, sports complexes, and common areas, highlighting what makes the school unique.

Integrating Tours into the School's Digital Platforms

To get the real spirit of the high school there has to be a clear sense of purpose.

The tours can be implemented into the school's web platform, the web developers of are helping you to set it up.

Case Studies

One notable example is ProEd Global School in Nuanu Campus, Bali, where helped create a digital twin of the property. The school increased its visibility and engagement with prospective students and parents, marking an impressive milestone in the adoption of 3D Virtual tours in the education sector.

Future Trends and Impacts on the Education Industry

The industry is ready to embrace the implementation of 3D virtual tours. Among the upstream trends is an extension such as engaging live Q&A sessions or immersive virtual reality experiences. These innovations will entail a more pleasant interaction with the service, giving deeper insights into campus events.


Virtual tours in 3D are a large-scale initiative that can help schools upgrade their brand and engagement.

They highlight the campus grounds in a special and effective way for prospective families to join.

If your school is ready to leap into the future of educational marketing, contact to discover how a 3D virtual tour can transform your institution's digital presence. Share this post to spread the word about the remarkable benefits of 3D virtual tours for schools.

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