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Feature Review: The Measurement Tool in 3D Virtual Tours

Updated: May 24

Industries experience rapid change and technological progression is the most important part of this transformation. One of those innovations are digital twins. They can be considered revolutionary and do provide participants with a real and enjoyable 3D sense of space. A remarkable feature of digital twins is the Measurement Tool as it improves communication, saves time, and reduces risk.

RJ Pittman, CEO of Matterport, says: “This capability gives customers an invaluable tool for sharing vital information about spaces or objects within a digital twin. The potential for smarter space planning, utilization, and collaboration for the built world is enormous.”

Businesses in various sectors such as real estate, architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), retail, travel and hospitality, insurance, and restoration will see significant advantages from this crucial feature.

You can effectively coordinate space layouts with plumbers, designers, electricians, and more. Say goodbye to unnecessary site visits. This tool has proven invaluable for those relocating furniture to a new residence. Will the dining table fit on the extended terrace? Can the L-shaped sofa make it up the stairs?

Applications for Business Owners in Different Industries

For real estate professionals, the measurement tool provides another selling point for agents and/or sellers by allowing prospective buyers or tenants to virtually measure if a space can accommodate their furniture, artwork, rugs and other design elements.

Real estate agents save time by giving clients exact measurements without visiting and using the manual on the site of the property. This not only gives the agents a fluent workflow system but also enables them to accomplish more listings in less time.

Buyers and tenants can virtually tour a property and measure the size of the spaces. The depth of this information is helpful for the decision-making process, thus making the properties more engaging and involving the audience.

AEC professionals can share digital twins with stakeholders to review property measurements from anywhere in the world.

This feature enables contractors to rapidly validate the correctness of the associated sketch and thus reduces the arguments and cycle times. It proves to be a reliable and predictable conflict-management tool offering contractors a chance to rise above conventional risks that account for disproportionally high amounts of bureaucratic inefficiency in the industry.

“The Measurement Mode gives our users additional value,” said Dan Cardona, Chief Operation Officer, Apex Imaging Systems. “Being able to quickly verify measurements in a digital twin, we increase the accuracy of bids. Plus, we save time and money by eliminating the need to send teams around the country to re-verify measurements.”

Meanwhile, retailers and hospitality businesses are allowed to optimise the space utilization and bring all design elements perfectly in line with the brand identity.


The integration of the Measurement Mode into 3D virtuals is changing the way property agents and other business people collect and process spatial data. This function ranges from strengthening at sales listing to flow of project planning and performance increasing thus alongside many other benefits that can be observed in a wide range of industries.

By leveraging technology and the expertise of providers like, businesses can unlock the full potential of 3D digital twins, driving innovation, efficiency, and collaboration.

Ready to experience the future of spatial data capture? Explore the capabilities of Measurement Mode and see how 3D virtual tours can transform your business. Learn more about’s services and start your journey towards smarter, more efficient space utilisation today.

As the first 3D scanning provider in Bali, offers unparalleled expertise in creating immersive digital twins for both indoor and outdoor environments. Using the latest technology, we provide clients with state-of-the-art 3D scanning services that bring spaces to life in stunning detail.

Whether you’re a real estate professional looking to enhance property listings or a business owner seeking to optimize space utilization, we will help you harness the power of Measurement Mode and other advanced 3D virtual tour features to achieve your goals.

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