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Turning Real Spaces Into 

Immersive 3D Experiences


We are the first to offer professional 3D capture solutions in Bali! 

Increase bookings with 3D

virtual walk throughs.

Increase sales by inspiring

more customers to visit

your property

Drive more traffic to your website

Accelerate sales and drive results with a virtual tour of your space.

Beau Whittington
CEO - Finns Bali

"We had a fantastic experience with the 3D Scan team. The end result was great and something we will definitely continue using on our website for years to come.

The process was easy with a very knowledgable team and the results were delivered fast. The team also offered valuable insights to help us improve our product and maximise sales. 

I definitely recommend 3D Scan to anyone seeking to improve their offering and guest experience with 3D technology."

Experience a 3D virtual tour for yourself


Click image below to experience yourself

What We Offer digital twins make it easier than ever to promote properties, plan construction projects or capture special places.

Incredibly accurate and infinitely immersive, our 3D models are an effective tool for connecting people with spaces, allowing for enhanced collaboration and accelerated project management. 

Our trusted customers:

Our clients are our top priority, and we are commited to providing them with the highest level of service.